Artist Statement - current movement & thought - how I create

Entering 2020, my artistic process continues with my ongoing experimentation in the movement of line and definition of shapes within the space of each of my compositions. I am moving in a direction where my paintings have a more defined, crisp, clean and hard-edged structure to them.

I continue to study 3D objects of all kinds, especially those from the mid-century modern building architecture, which is important as a comparative in assisting my work towards translating multifaceted objects and shapes into 2D. I am also studying art form from the Suprematism art movement, which Kazimir Malevich of Russia founded around 1913. This type of art focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles painted in a limited range of colors. I approach the idea of each new painting by doing some preliminary sketching. I also layout randomly shaped paper cutouts or use tape to mask off areas of my workspace to start my composition and then build from there. I strive to create each piece so that there are both elements that seem to float on the canvas and ones, which seem grounded as well by extending lines off the canvas and around the sides in a space where these lines are no longer visible. At some point in the build of each composition, I like to add a few weirdly placed skewed and off-centered lines, dashes, or shapes in and outside the design area in an attempt to disconnect the flow. I especially enjoy any blank space within the work, as I feel it is in these isolated spaces and off-centered lines that have a strangely exciting and enticing effect because these spaces can allow for a moment of detaching and creating stillness, which creates a kind of void in an area that allows a pause to breathe before starting the movement once again.

My main medium is acrylic paint, and occasionally I will add other mediums like oil pastels, spray paint, ink, graphite, watercolor, gauche, or chalk pastel. Currently, I am mostly painting my pictures on clear primed linen, which gives each composition a unique look of simplicity along with a throwback-feel from the past of the 20th century.

I enjoy a pace of painting that creates clean and simple compositions as I feel this creates a balance in the often messy and complicated times we live in.

Winsome - acrylic/oil pastel on canvas  - 14 in. x 18 in.



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