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acrylic on
rc photo paper

T. Young, (Tracy, born 1958, St. Paul, MN) grew up in Cottage Grove Minnesota, a suburb south of Minnesota’s capital city, St. Paul. Art, photography and music have always been a significant part of her life and career development. During her formative years Tracy's focus was on painting but as time passed her love for the business aspect of art became a focal point. Tracy developed a program centered on the business of art and in the mid to late 1990's she held lectures and classes teaching other creative people how to pursue their artistic passion as a professional artist. In 2004, she decided to step back from teaching business classes to again focus on painting. It was at this time she made a change of painting style from folk art to the abstract form where she would begin the journey to firmly develop her artistic voice as an abstract artist. Working mainly in acrylic paints and oil pastel, she blends color and adds line and shape creating a story line of movement on canvas, wood or paper. Much of her artistic inspiration was formed by many of the artists of the American Abstract Expressionism period of the mid-20th century. Tracy currently works from her combined studio and gallery space at the Northrup King Building, which is located in the vibrant northeast Minneapolis arts district.


To find out more about Tracy's artistic journey please see the section under the 'about' tab titled: 'my journey in art' where she will tell you in her own voice her art background and current artistic development.

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