sometimes i sit and i don't think much

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sometimes i sit and i don't think much

This is the study for Sometimes I Sit and I don't Think Much and was painted with acrylic/oil pastel on 5x7 inch exposed rc photo paper and sealed with gloss uv finish.(c)2011

View #2 is the completed painting and was painted on a 24x36 inch canvas in acrylic and oil pastel and framed in a black float frame. or click here to view.

sometimes I sit and I don't think much -
I listen to the emptiness
of my surroundings
and the fullness
of my breath.

in, out , in , out as it
sweeps deep from the
depths of my inner
being and it is
~T.Young (c)2011

NOTE: Because each computer monitor is adjusted differently there may be a slight color variation.


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